How to Take Quality Dental Before & After Marketing Photos

September 13, 2021

As a dental professional, you’re used to seeing amazing results from dental treatments. With millions of people searching for a dentist and specific dental treatments each month, it’s important to show potential patients real treatment results from your practice.

One of the easiest and most useful ways your dental practice can show credibility is by providing a before and after gallery.

Before and after photos should be on your website, social media, and in a nice portfolio at your dental office. Many dental websites use stock before and after photos, which can hurt credibility because of how painfully obvious stock photos can be to potential patients. Having a gallery or physical portfolio of real-patient before and after photos will show patients that you have the skill, artistry, and expertise so therefore you should be the obvious choice for any future dental treatment.

According to the American Dental Association, 59% of Americans skip out on dental treatment because of the cost commitment and another 22% avoid treatment out of dental-related fears. With such a large percentage of the population uncertain about accepting dental treatment, it’s important for you to showcase your credibility even before a potential patient picks up the phone to schedule. Publicizing quality before and after photos on your website and social media helps to build trust with potential patients. If someone can see the successful results of treatment, it makes financial commitment feel less daunting. Similarly, those with dental fears want to go to a dentist who they are confident will provide quality care. You see the fantastic work you do every day, make sure to foster trust with current and potential patients by showing them before and after photos as well.

Benefits of Marketing Using Before & After Photos Include:

  • Improved digital credibility
  • A more valuable website, potentially increasing conversion rates
  • Advertising/marketing content
  • Engaging in social media content
  • Higher patient case acceptance rates


Most dental practices have a nice camera already, but if you do not I encourage you to get one! High-quality cameras can help with treatment planning as well as be used for before and after photos. It never hurts to buy some accessories for lighting and stabilization as well such as a ring light, a flash, or a tripod. Maybe you have all of these tools but you’re not sure how to take good before and after photos. Here are some of our tips:

Before & After Marketing Photo Tips:

  • Don’t use lip retractors. Lip retractors are fine for clinical photos, but a patient would rather see a comfortable, natural smile.
  • Take close-up pictures of the smile and headshots for both the before and after. While the focus is on your patients’ smiles, their eyes are so expressive and connect viewers to the emotion of the photo. Take headshots so that the viewer can see the happiness of a post-treatment smile.
  • Never take after photos with bloody gums or obvious oral trauma, just wait for the follow-up appointment.
  • Focus on central and lateral incisors.
  • Avoid including nostrils or nose hairs in close-up photos.
  • Use a tripod to make sure your photos are straight and lateral at a 90° angle.

  • Find a wall or solid backdrop with good lighting, and consistently take all photos at this spot.
  • Always get signed consent before posting any photos.

Not sure what to do once you take the photos?

Schedule a consultation with us and we can personally guide you through your next digital marketing campaign.