Case Study: Potomac Dental Centre

Potomac Dental Centre is a dental practice in Hagerstown, Maryland that specializes in cosmetic, implant, and sedation dentistry. Dr. Everett Eklund had seen success as a dentist who places mini dental implants, but he wanted to expand the reach of his practice to grow the business.

Potomac Dental Centre was using traditional marketing tools such as television, radio, print ads, and kiosks. As a result, they found themselves missing a huge percent of the local population that preferred using digital channels like search engines and social media. Additionally, the close rate of new cases was not optimal despite using several different marketing methods.

The Problem

Potomac Dental Centre partnered with Cypress to help them overcome several challenges. While they were experiencing success, they found themselves having trouble attracting quality patients who were ready to commit to treatment. This was the result of two major problems:

Not attracting quality patients who were ready to say yes

Patient experience and office systems were not optimal, which reduced the number of repeat patient visits, as well as referrals to new patients from existing ones


Cypress worked with Potomac Dental Centre to implement the following solutions. In order to effectively implement internal systems, practice culture, practice brand, marketing, and digital footprint needed to be redesigned and optimized. This was done by:

  • Creating a mission statement built by dentists and employees
  • Turning that mission into a brand for internal and external audiences
  • Providing tools for leadership and mentorship to owner/dentist and marketing coordinator
  • Defining the audience to reach quality leads
  • Patient and employee experience improvements, including implementation of morning huddles, team meetings, and on-site staffing training
  • Utilizing a sales funnel to educate leads
  • Extensive social media development and branding identity
  • Digital advertising, including retargeting ads, paid social ads, and paid search
  • Custom website development with SEO and SEM


The results of the partnership helped Potomac Dental Centre achieve a team culture that improved both the patient experience and referrals, as well as the cohesion of the team, higher patient acceptance rates, and a higher revenue stream that led to overall organic growth.

1st Quarter New Patient Analysis

In the first quarter of 2021, Potomac Dental Centre spent $15,328 on Cypress services, as a result, they made $321,580 directly from our marketing strategies.

Profiting with a 2,097% ROI.

Profit Increase from Referrals

As a result of Cypress consultations and mentorship on creating a positive work culture, patient experience and employee buy-in grew exponentially, profiting Potomac Dental Centre.

  • In the first quarter of 2021, 22 out of 23 patients left 5-star Google reviews.
  • Additionally, profits from patient referrals increased by 400%.
  • Even more significantly, we found over a 1000% profit increase from employee referrals compared to the previous year.
“Cypress has helped grow and develop our dental office and team. Not only have we seen an increase in new patients from the digital marketing strategies but also have new office systems in place that help our patients’ visits go seamlessly. Patient acceptance is higher than ever and our team culture has grown.”
Everett Eklund, DDS
Potomac Dental Centre